Master sculptor Lyle Sopel is dedicated to the creation of fine art gemstone sculpture. Renowned for his museum caliber wildlife/abstract sculptures, Sopel has dedicated over thirty years of working and exploring the three dimensional form in semi precious stones.

His work is comprised of one of kind masterpieces in jade and semi-precious gemstone, as well as limited edition pieces in bronze with stone embellishments. His innate skill, uncommon imaginative style, passion and drive are evident in all his unique creations.

Sopel’s artistic journey has spanned over thirty years as a master of sculpting in the jade medium. In 1987 National Geographic Magazine acclaimed: “Lyle Sopel is among the best of the world’s contemporary jade sculptors”.

Jade - revered as the "Stone of Heaven" is an incredibly difficult, challenging medium to work in. Harder that steel, it actually becomes malleable under Lyle’s gifts. Jade became his muse and Lyle has propelled the gemstone into extreme, three dimensional, graceful, original and inspiring compositions. Today, his work continues to reflect his affinity with nature, as well as his passion for the palette of colors and textures from rare and exotic minerals and gemstones.

Incorporating rough and finished gemstones into his sculptures, Sopel’s intention as an artist is to try and interpret the magnificence, the mystery and the power of nature. His is a rare ability – to subtly release emotions from within nephrite jade and other semi-precious gemstones.

Each piece that he creates is an expression of this artist’s fascination with nature’s theatre and the human-like qualities that are subtle yet evident in wildlife creatures. His love and affinity for nature is manifest - his graceful but bold lines, incredibly fluid movement and translucency in stone. 

Today, more than three decades after his journey began, this celebrated artist work has been exhibited in group and one man shows throughout Canada and the United States. His work is housed in the fine art collections of heads of state, art connoisseurs and royalty from around the globe including Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., and the Aga Khan. His passion to create has continued to build a solid cadre of ardent international fine art collectors.
I seek and strive to work in themes that depict the essence of drama, whimsy, joy and lightheartedness. I try to create sculpture that moves, has a spirit and actually seems alive. 
Lyle Sopel