Guy Dahl’s interests in wildlife began in his early years and grew through a number of interesting occupations - professional big game guide, outfitter, tracker, and rancher - giving him the opportunity to study animals in their native habitat and to experience nature in its truest form.

These opportunities to appreciate the natural world became the foundation of Guy Dahl’s art career. He has been in the business of art since 1985 and a full time artist since 1993.

Having worked in many different mediums, Guy has found sculpting the most satisfying. He seeks to capture the movement and textures of his subjects. Great thought, knowledge and appreciation goes into each animal and the sculptures composition. In his dramatic and often suspended sculpture he achieves incredible detail, realism and movement.

Guy has owned two ranches, in British Columbia and Alberta. Having raised Corriente Cattle (a breed commonly used in rodeos) as well as numerous horses, Guy has a thorough understanding of the ranching way of life. This has lead to a good understanding of the Western subjects he recreates in bronze.

In 1991, he had the opportunity to work with a well-respected artist and master sculptor by the name of William Davis in Wyoming, west of Cody. Bill helped give him a thorough understanding of the bronze process as well as helped to develop the incredibly detailed style of sculpting that Guy achieves. He will forever be grateful for Bill's support and guidance and says, "When it comes to 'heroes', he's mine."

While living in Western and North Western Canada, Guy has had the opportunity to view many species of wildlife in their natural environment - from a beaver searching a mountain stream for food, to two bull-moose battling it out during the rut, mountain goats scaling a cliff or a herd of mountain caribou running up and over a mountain at the sight of a wolverine. These experiences illuminate and ground his art.

An avid outdoorsman, Guy Dahl brings years of first-hand experience studying wildlife behavior, an extraordinary artistic ability to his pieces. One of his pieces was chosen by the Calgary Stampede as the ‘Champion Saddle Bronc (horse)’ trophy for the years 1998 – 2002.

You will find Guy Dahl’s sculptures in public and private collections all over the world. He lives in Alberta. 
As an artist and sculptor, my goal is to realistically capture the essence of the subjects and portray them in their natural habitat. In each piece, I strive to create a sculpture with an exciting composition and great attention to detail and anatomy. I hope you enjoy. 
Guy Dahl